No Pants, Please.

This is a peek into Autism that most people don’t see. Every child with Autism has Sensory Processing Disorder to one degree or another. It just so happens that Seamus is really struggling with being dressed. The big reason this is a problem is that it is now almost November and the snow will be flying SOON. He breaks down as soon as you start dressing him. I strategically buy clothes with his favorite characters and cozy materials. To him it feels like I’m scraping sandpaper up his legs. It’s uncomfortable. He cries. He fights. He kicks and hits me. The struggle is freaking real. He’s not just acting out because he’s a little jerk. His wiring is different and he sees and feels the world in a completely unique way. I want to fix this for him which is why he goes to sensory integration but in the mean time we struggle. My little prince feels EVERYTHING. It’s breaking my heart knowing I essentially have to torture him in clothing at the start of the day or we will literally be homebound all winter. Please keep him in your thoughts and let’s hope he can overcome this challenge soon.