Autism, Sensory Integration

The Kindness of Strangers

A friend of mine that is a LulaRoe consultant happened to suggest we try leggings out for Seamus as a possible solution to his No Pants Problem. She also has a son with special needs and understands what we’re going through in a very personal way. She offered to ship him a pair to try out free of charge. They showed up and without hesitation Seamus and I ripped open the package and I let him handle them. He played with them for a couple minutes. I rubbed them on his legs and belly. We talked about how soft they were. Here comes the moment of truth. I was going in for the kill. I said “let’s try these pants on!” Sure enough in went the first foot. There was no struggle. Second foot. Pulled them up his legs. He put them on. Not the slightest bit of frustration. He wore them for five consecutive days. I was taking them off and washing them after he fell asleep at night and putting them back on him for the next day.

So, my next predicament. He found something he would wear. The only problem is that these leggings retail for $23 a pair. Ouch. I took to Facebook to look for some discounted pairs. I wasn’t being pick about prints or colors. Just hoping to find a few pairs for as little cash as possible. I posted in a lularoe buy/sell/trade group about our situation and a link to my blog for some additional background. Within a few hours I had several consultants and other parents comment or message offering Seamus leggings for free or very discounted. So far he has accumulated a wonderful collection and I’m surprised he’s still getting mail. He’s gotten everything from leftover Halloween, New release Christmas prints, and he even got a pair that were a motorcycle print.

So, if you are sitting around and worrying about all of the bad in the world, you might miss the random acts of kindness that are happening every second of every day. People are good. Don’t doubt that for a moment.

p.s. if you happen to be a lularoe fan and see any of the monster prints in the first picture let me know! Those are his favorites and I wouldn’t mind getting a back up pair!