Happy Halloween!

Today definitely had its ups and downs. We started the morning off really well and went to the office to Trick or Treat and brought a batch of pumpkin muffins to share with friends. Seamus stopped to get candy and give hugs from the ladies at the front desk. All in all this was successful!

We spent the majority of the day at home. He had speech therapy and didn’t have much to say today. He just seemed off. Maybe it was the round one sugar coma that effected his performance. Regardless, he just wasn’t a good sport for it today. We got home and started making dinner and I made my first attempt and getting Seamus into some warmer clothes. It’s only 35ish degrees here this evening. Certainly too cold for a sweatshirt and leggings. We talked about it. I reminded him about how he got candy in his bucket this morning and that he could do that again tonight but he needed to be dressed warmly. Tears. Take a break. Again I reminded him about the potential for fun. Tears. Okay, let’s wait for Jeremy to get home. Maybe he can convince you it’s a good idea. We ate dinner, stuffed shells and garlic bread. Perfect on a cool night. Now it was Jeremy’s turn to attempt dressing the beast. We got his sweat pants on him while he was distracted. Next was his shoes. He’s a fan of his Lightning McQueen shoes so that wasn’t a problem. The third and final step. A Winter coat. The first time this year it’s really been cold enough to need one. He screamed. He screamed hard. He screamed so hard he puked. Twice. He miraculously missed his coat and shoes. He started to calm down and we heard a familiar voice out front. His friend Eli was prepping to go out with his family so we scooted across the street to say hi and get hugs. Thankfully he did ok from here. We got to go to a few houses close to home and he was pretty excited after he got going. At the end of the night I’d say we were as successful as we could expect to be. No costume. A few spots for goodies and a nice evening at home.

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