Fourth of July

Yesterday was an awesome day. Seamus did remarkably well with almost everything we did which made it even more special. As you know we have train wreck days where nothing can go right and we have almost serene days where for some reason things just work out okay. 

Early in the morning we took Seamus out to Russell. This was actually weird for Jeremy because he had never actually dropped Seamus off with anyone other than family. I think he almost felt a little lost without the beast boy in the back seat blowing spit bubbles and making small talk on the way home. We got to go on a mini date for the first time in ages. It’s been at least a year. We packed up our supplies and went target shooting. I haven’t lost my touch either.  

The parade downtown was our next big adventure. Seamus was going to be meeting us there. There was a small hiccup in getting him back to us and my amazing friend carried my forty pound kid about a mile because he was unconscious for the car ride to town. He was so excited to see us! He switched into my arms just in time to see the Zem Zem’s go by in their tiny cars. He loved it. WOW! COOL! He was so excited he was shaking with a big grin on his face. He watched several units go by and needed a break.  Jeremy and Seamus took off into the parking lot at work and ran around for a few minutes and he came back for more. He lasted about an hour which was pretty good for him. He was getting overloaded so we hopped in the car and went home for lunch. 

Phase three of our awesome day was just a walk in the woods. I brought a couple of tiny nets so we could try to catch some critters.  Seamus was impressed by his met but caught a fine variety of rocks and nothing living. Jeremy built a little crayfish habitat by damming off a small section so Seamus could see our spoils. I nabbed about ten crayfish and Seamus was pretty impressed by them. The more exciting part was chucking big rocks into the deeper water. With each big splash Seamus would yell “oh, goodness!” several times over. It’s adorable. Jeremy can’t help but laugh when he says it. After we finished in the water we started walking further down the trail. Jeremy initiated a game of hide and seek. Seamus loves it when you jump out a make monster noises to scare him. Sometimes he even plays the role of the monster. We played almost the entire walk back to the car. It made our stroll take a lot longer but it certainly made it more entertaining for all of us. 

After we got home things started going down hill. It was a pretty exhausting day. I’m glad he got to experience everything. 

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