Therapeutic Play Dates

Everybody needs a support system to make parenting an experience you can survive.  The necessity for support grows astronomically when your child isn’t neuro-typical.  Several months ago Seamus and I were going to Tumble class at the local YMCA when we happened to meet life changing friends.  Lindsay and Ethan have been perfect companion for Seamus and I.  We’re all in the exact same boat.  The really cool part about this is that the boys have all, yes, ALL of the same therapists!  It’s actually uncanny if you think about it.  We live in a very small community.  Our kids have birthdays that are only twenty days apart.  They really are peas and carrots.  Destined to be buddies.  I gained my Autism soul sister.  Lindsay has helped me understand and accept that it is completely okay to be different and that our boys are really something special.  I never dreamed that this would become our reality and she has been there for me every step of the way!  Thank you, Lindsay for being there for me to vent, complain, and cry a little.

So, therapeutic play dates.   You know those days when you wake up before the sun has even considered rising, your toddler has demanded two sippy cups of milk, four pouches of mini muffins, and a foot rub all before their father rolls out of bed.  Those are the days that you need to spend some time with your friends and remember that these really are the good days.  These are the days that you go hang out and drink coffee while the kids run laps in the basement.  Maybe you load up and make a trip to the beach, playground, or an amusement park.  These are the days that you make amazing memories with the people you really care about.  It helps to balance out the bad days so they really don’t seem that terrible.


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