Alone Time

Today was an exceptional day. Not because anything extraordinary happened either. What was so great?  I got three whole hours to do whatever I wanted.  That’s one hundred eighty minutes. Ten thousand eight hundred seconds. It was glorious. 

How did I spend this elusive quiet time?  For starters I ran back to Walmart. I forgot to buy kitty litter when we were there yesterday. I got caught in line behind a little old lady that had 47 gift cards that each had a balance ranging from fifty cents to nothing on them. I drove the convertible with the top down and let my hair blow in the wind and let the sun dance on my skin. I put on my bikini and laid in the yard with an ice cold bottle of Ellicotville Brewing CO’s Blueberry Wheat Ale while listening to a Pandora radio station from the year I graduated high school. I did a few chores while singing my heart out because no one was home to hear how good/bad I am at singing. Sat down and caught up on some Greys Anatomy. Nothing I did was outstanding, but I feel like a human again. 

We all need a chance to regroup on occasion. It makes you a better parent, partner, friend, or any other roles you may fill. A little self care goes a long way. That goes for everyone!

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