Russian Roulette

No, I’m not talking about the version with angry gangsters and you owing them A LOT of money for illegal gambling on cage fights in the basement of a local night club. 

This version is worse. This kind of Russian Roulette involves sleep. Every night when I crawl into bed around 10:30 pm I can’t help but wonder “will I get three hours of sleep or seven?”

For the last couple of months Seamus has had no sleep schedule. There is no rhyme or reason as to when he gets up at night. It doesn’t matter if he napped that day or what he ate. His diet is extremely limited because he has a lot of oral aversions. Last night was a prime example of a hell night. He was wide awake at 12:38am. Time to party. Let’s go do something!  Some nights he wants to get into bed with us an we let him if that means getting a few more hours of decent rest. Last night that wasn’t the case. Last night Jeremy offered to take the bullet. He got up with little man and they were downstairs the rest of the night. This sleep cycle is exhausting me. I hope it’s temporary and we can roll out of it soon. If your kids sleep through the night do something a little extra special for them today because they earned it. 
Now I’m off to go buy an extra large coffee with a hit of espresso to help keep my eyes open for a few more hours. 

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